Importance of the Immune System in Longevity

The outbreak of the COIVID-19 pandemic has everyone thinking more about their immune systems. Living a healthy lifestyle prior to the outbreak meant eating right, having enough sleep, and staying active. Now, more than ever, people need to focus on boosting their immune systems as well, to ward off the coronavirus, and also to protect themselves from whatever is to follow.

Practicing life extension techniques can strengthen your immune system and give it the boost it needs to defend your body against the uncertainty of this quickly changing world.

How Your Immune System Works

When it comes to warding off viruses and bacteria, T-cells are primary players in your body’s defenses. Their job is to respond to foreign pathogens, break them down, and remember how to fight them in the future.

Naïve T-cells react to new invaders and learn how to combat them effectively. Once they’ve successfully destroyed a pathogen, they turn into memory T-cells. Memory T-cells are then stored in your body and deployed if you ever encounter that same pathogen again. For some diseases, this means the next time you’re infected you’ll suffer much milder symptoms. For others, it can mean a lifetime of immunity.

That’s why when you have the chickenpox as a child, you’re immune to it for the rest of your life. Every time thereafter, when you encounter the virus that causes chickenpox, your body remembers how to fight it and can shut it down quickly and effectively.

Effects of Your Immune System on Longevity

As you age, your body naturally produces fewer T-cells and proteins that support effective immune function. The more viruses you encounter, the more naïve T-cells are turned into memory T-cells. Without the same number of naïve T-cells, your body can become inefficient at fighting novel pathogens.

Not only does cell production slow down, but existing T-cells become less effective as you age. Your body produces fewer proteins to help the T-cells divide and conquer their foes. This leads to an increased susceptibility to pathogens, even ones you’ve already encountered that your body knows how to combat. Practicing proper life extension techniques can help to replenish the nutrients to promote naïve T-cell production and boost protein development within your body, leading to a stronger immune system.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Immune System

There are several steps you can take to bolster your immune system and live a much longer and healthier life.

  • Healthy eating
  • Adequate sleep
  • Managing stress
  • Taking vitamin supplements

Much of your immune system is located in the gut. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to keeping the microbiome in your digestive system strong and happy. Consistently getting enough sleep will help your body maintain a natural rhythm, and managing stress levels can help boost the production of infection-fighting T-cells.

Taking vitamin supplements can help to replenish the levels of nutrients and proteins that your body can no longer produce for necessary T-cell production, strengthening your immune system and leading to a long, healthy life.

Boost Your Immune System with Life Extension Practices

It’s only natural that your body slows down as you age, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Practice life extension practices such as maintaining healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, managing stress levels, and taking the proper supplements to boost your immune system and protect yourself from pathogens. Most people practice some sort of longevity principles, but in the era of COVID-19 and all the uncertainty it brings, it’s more important now than ever to focus on strengthening your immune system for both longevity and whatever might come next.

Asher Longevity Institute Launches Business at RAADfest 2019

Asher Longevity Institute had its business launch at the recent RAADfest 2019 in Las Vegas NV. It was a great conference on current and emerging technology for living a healthy, long, and active life.

Our founder, John Asher, and all our founding partners attended the three days of the conference.  We learned a lot, and educated hundreds of people on our “9 Steps to Immortality”. The crowd at RAADfest is fully committed to doing all the basic and advanced actions to live as long as technology will allow them to.

John Asher spoke on several topics and was extremely well received for his efforts to simplify the medical terminology and focus people on the actions that are well proven to extend life and make you more active well into your 90s and beyond. His discussion of the Microbiome Health was particularly well received with lots of people asking for even more information and joining Asher Longevity as members.

We added over 10 new strategic partners including two stem cell clinics, a new approach to NAD+, a DNA-Based custom vitamin supplement, and natural approaches that offer great promise to augment the medical based protocol of Asher Longevity Institute. Once finalized, these strategic partners will be featured on our website, some with special pricing arrangements or priority at clinics where treatment is available for the emerging technologies.

Stem Cell treatment was one area of new information that offers a lot of promise. We are working now with two clinics that offer offshore stem cell treatments that are not available in the USA. These are not fly-by-night clinics that setup in a local hotel to treat knee injuries, they are reputable medical facilities that offer proven results in longevity-related diseases. Each individual has to make their own decision about stem cells. Our “official” policy and legal approach to recommendations are still being developed but we were really impressed with the advances made and the options now available that we find promising.

Deep Sleep has been one area of our program that we don’t have a “perfect” solution for. One company at the conference has some sound wave rejuvenation techniques that offer a lot of promise. We will be experimenting with the approaches over the next few weeks and report back on the results. Getting more deep sleep is vitally important to cleansing the brain cells which is critical to preventing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as we age.

With our launch now behind us, partners coming on board, and all the new information from RAADfest, we will be adding new content to the site more frequently. We will be updating our supplements list to include the 14 Basic Supplements and 7 Anti-Aging Disease Prevention Supplements. We will keep striving to have our supplements recommendations relevant, up to date, and simple to understand.

If we met you at RAAdFest, it was a pleasure. If you are new to our company and website, welcome. We are excited to be on our way to growing our membership and providing you all the latest information in a simple, and easy to understand format. We want action for our members so you can live a long, healthy, and active life.

Eat a Diet Tuned for Optimum Microbiome Health – In Depth Guide

Microbiome Heath at a Glance:

  • Our gut is full of trillions of bacteria, viruses,
    fungi and worms
  • Together they are called our microbiome
  • Trillions of them also live on our skin
  • Trillions of them also live in a cloud around us
  • NIH research shows that our microbiome contributes
    8 million unique genes to our bodies
  • 360 times the number of human genes

70% of our immune system is in our gut

Results from eating a Western diet:

  • 40% of US adults are obese
  • Live an average of 13 years less than expected (JAMA)
  • 20 “healthy” years are lost
  • Another 32% are overweight
  • 10% have Type II diabetes
  • Typically lose 10 years of life expectancy (diabetes UK)
  • 46% have high blood pressure
  • 27% higher overall mortality from all causes
    (SPRINT clinical trial)

WSJ article 6/24/19

  A new way of eating is urgently needed        


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